Facilities & Platforms

Lab Space

Our experimental testbed at Berkeley consists of a MotionCapture and Vicon tracking system for state estimation and ground-truth pose measurements.


Our group tests our algorithms and controllers on a variety of robotic platforms, the main two being the Crazyflie 2.0 quadcopter robots and the Turtlebot 2 mobile robot.


For a more comprehensive list of current and past software projects, see our lab GitHub.

Reachability Toolboxes

  • Level Set Toolbox (from Ian Mitchell)
  • helperOC: optimal control MATLAB toolbox for Hamilton-Jacobi reachability analysis
  • beacls: Berkeley Efficient API in C++ for Level Set methods

Robotics Tools

  • crazyflie_clean: a clean, extensible toolbox for running experiments on the crazyflie 2.0 quadrotor
  • FaSTrack: fast planning methods with slower, reachability-based safety guarantees for online safe trajectory planning