Current Members

Claire Tomlin


Reachability analysis, hybrid systems, distributed and decentralized optimization, and control theory

Chams Eddine Mballo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Flight Mechanics and Control (FMC), Design and safety analysis of Electric Vertical and Take-Off and Landing Vehicles (eVTOL).

Jason Jangho Choi

Ph.D. Student

Controls, Robotics, Safety Control for Uncertain Dynamical Systems

Jingqi (James) Li

Ph.D. Student

Robotics, control, optimization and learning

Kaylene Stocking

Ph.D. Student

Robotics, human-robot interfaces, cognitive science

Gabriel E. Colon Reyes

Ph.D. Student

renewable energy integration into the grid, inverter controls, grid-forming controls, high fidelity modeling of power systems, power system simulations

Marsalis Gibson

Ph.D. Student


Sampada Deglurkar

Ph.D. Student

Decision-making under uncertainty, safety for learning in the loop systems

Sara Pohland

Ph.D. Student

Robotics, AI explainability, computer vision, control

Katie Kang

Ph.D. Student

Machine learning robustness and decision-making

Christopher Strong

Ph.D. Student

Human Models, Computational Neuroscience, Driving

Anand Siththaranjan

Ph.D. Student

Game Theory, Control, Optimization

Ebonye Smith

Ph.D. Student

robotics, control theory, safety in the presence of uncertainty

David Shen

5-th year M.S. Student

safety, machine learning, control

Anish Muthali

5-th year M.S. Student

uncertainty quantification, nonparametric statistics, certification of safety for autonomous systems