Current Members

Claire Tomlin


Reachability analysis, hybrid systems, distributed and decentralized optimization, and control theory

Shankar Anand Deka


Control theory, Robotics, Machine Learning

Palak Bhushan

Ph.D. Student

Micro-robotics, manufacturing, insect-scale robotics

Margaret Chapman

Ph.D. Student

Conditional Value-at-Risk, Decision Analysis, Safety-Critical Stochastic Systems, Applications to Breast Cancer Treatment and Urban Water Systems

Sylvia Herbert

Ph.D. Student

Safety and efficiency for high-dimensional dynamic systems, optimal control for dynamic games, reachability analysis, cognitive science

Vicenc Rubies Royo

Ph.D. Student

Neural network verification, reachability analysis

Somil Bansal

Ph.D. Student

Safe and efficient control of autonomous systems in unknown environments through combining machine learning and control theory

Patricia Hidalgo-Gonzalez

Ph.D. Student (Jointly advised with Dan Kammen)

Renewable energy, control, optimization, frequency regulation for power systems, machine learning for control design

David Fridovich-Keil

Ph.D. Student

Robust motion planning, optimal control, differential game theory

Forrest Laine

Ph.D. Student

Optimal control, unsupervised learning, computer vision

Andrea Bajcsy

Ph.D. Student (Jointly advised with Anca Dragan)

Robotics, real-time safety assurances, online machine learning, reachability analysis, human-robot interaction

Donggun Lee

Ph.D. Student

Optimal control theory and game theory for high-dimensional dynamic systems, reachability analysis, robotics

Keith Moffat

Ph.D. Student (Jointly advised with Alexandra von Meier)

Power Systems, Machine Learning, Control Theory, Optimization

Ellis Ratner

Ph.D. Student (Jointly advised with Anca Dragan)

Robotics, control theory, machine learning

Marius Wiggert

Ph.D. Student


Jason Jangho Choi

Ph.D. Student

Optimal control, safety control for high-dimensional dynamic systems

Jingqi (James) Li

Ph.D. Student

Robotics, control, optimization and learning

Michael (Hyun Jae) Lim

Ph.D. Student

Sequential decision making (MDP, POMDP), statistical learning, computer vision, control theory

Kaylene Stocking

Ph.D. Student

Robotics, human-robot interfaces, cognitive science

Varun Tolani

Research Engineer

Robotics, control theory, computer vision

Lasse Peters

Visiting Student

Robotics, partially observable Markov decision processes, human-robot interaction

Sampada Deglurkar


Robotics, reachability analysis

Neil Lugovoy


Safety, learning, robotics

Khalil Sarwari


Perception, learning, computer vision

Chuck Tang


Visualization, robotics, learning

Suvansh Sanjeev


Safety and reinforcement learning