Hybrid Systems Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of California at Berkeley

Welcome to the Hybrid Systems Laboratory website! This lab is under the direction of Professor Claire Tomlin in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) Department at UC Berkeley.

Hybrid systems are complex systems which have discrete event dynamics as well as continuous time dynamics. For example, an air condition unit has discrete modes, either on or off, but changes the temperature in a continuous way over time. Other examples of continuous systems controlled by discrete logic include aircraft autopilot modes, biological systems such as cell growth and insect motion, and coordinating processes such as air and ground transportation.

We study many problems that can be modeled by hybrid systems as well as more general robotics. Our research covers a wide range of topics, including air traffic control automation, algorithms for decentralized optimization, modeling and analysis of biological cell networks, and unmanned aerial vehicle design and control.

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Prof. Claire Tomlin, 721 Sutardja Dai Hall

Phone: (510) 643-6610.

Administrative help:

(Research) Jessica Gamble, 337 Cory Hall

Phone: (510) 643-5105, Fax: (510) 643-2356.

(Teaching) 253 Cory Hall

Phone: (510) 642-2384, Fax: (510) 643-7846.