Research Areas

Safety Analysis

Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) reachability analysis, risk-sensitive safety analysis, safety analysis of robotic motion planners


Safe controller synthesis, optimal control for nonlinear systems, feedback control for constrained systems

Multi-Agent Systems

Multi-unmanned aerial vehicle systems, human-robot interaction, motion planning for multi-agent robotic systems

Machine Learning

Reinforcement learning for contorl, verification of deep neural networks, learning dynamics, learning-based perception with model-based control

Power Systems

Renewable energy, electric distribution networks


Safe real-time motion planning, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous ground vehicles, gasping and manipulation, insect-scale robotics

Biological Systems

Breast cancer as a safety-critical system

Dynamic Games

Pursuit-evasion games for safety-critical systems, efficient solvers for nonlinear multi-player games


    Prof. Claire Tomlin

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  • 721 Sutardja Dai Hall
    Berkeley, CA

    Jessica Gamble (Administrator)

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  • (510) 643-2356
  • 337 Cory Hall
    Berkeley, CA