Grad Level Coursework

“The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.” - Voltaire

Engineering & Computer Science

  • CS 188: Artificial Intelligence

  • EE 221A: Linear System Theory

  • EE 222: Nonlinear System Analysis

  • EE 223: Stochastic Systems: Estimation and Control

  • EE 226A: Random Processes in Systems

  • EE 227A: Convex Optimization

  • ME 230: Real Time Applications of Mini and Microcomputers

  • ME 234: Multivariable Control System Design

  • ME 237: Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems

  • ME 290N: System Identification

  • ME 290J: Model Predictive Control

  • EE 290O: Distributed Optimization

  • EE 290Q: Topics in Network Economics

  • EE C291: Control and Optimization of Distributed Parameters Systems

  • EE 291E: Hybrid Systems - Computation and Control

  • CS 294: Learning in Sequential Decision Problems

Mathematics & Statistics

  • MATH 202A: Introduction to Topology and Analysis I

  • MATH 202B: Introduction to Topology and Analysis II

  • MATH 222A: Partial Differential Equations I

  • MATH 222B: Partial Differential Equations II

  • STAT 205A: Probability Theory

  • STAT 205B: Probability Theory

  • STAT 210A: Theoretical Statistics


  • MBA 290A: Introduction to Management of Technology

  • MBA 212: Energy and Environmental Markets

  • ECON 209A: Theory and Application of Non-Cooperative Games I

  • ECON 209B: Theory and Application of Non-Cooperative Games II

The Really Cool Stuff

  • PHYSED C407: Introduction to Scientific Diving

Current GPA: 4.0